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Why invest in Orlando?

Orlando one of the best bets for investment and development in the USA.

  • Orlando is the second fastest growing city in the United States.
  • The Orlando real estate market is booming. Inventory levels remain low at despite high levels of new construction. That is, the demand is greater than the supply.
  • Home prices continue to rise.
  • Interest rates remain low.
  • New projects in the surrounding areas are being built right from the start. There are many advantages to buying pre-construction by arriving early and taking advantage of the great prices and double-digit appreciation rates.
  • Affordable as it is, it continues to fuel the rental market by making rental properties investment produce high income.

Why invest in Miami?

Miami has become one of the preferred cities by investors for its growth, stability and projection.

  • It is among the 10 most desired cities for investment worldwide.
  • Miami has a strategic location between Latin America and Europe.
  • It has the third largest airport in the United States.
  • Financial epicenter and global headquarters of multinationals.
  • Investment with the possibility of Visa EB5.
  • It is possible to get to invest with businesses quickly and safely, whether they are your own ideas or existing franchises.
  • Shopping in Miami is easy. Financing for foreigners, flexibility, and opportunity.
  • Miami offers a multicultural environment that perfectly blends the best of both worlds. Taste Latino and diversity of cultures.
  • First city to recover from the crisis with the best economic projections and the lowest rate of unemployment.

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The Flats

Kassimmee, a 10-15 de todos los parques temáticos de Disney.
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13800 Highland Dr, North Miami Beach, FL 33181, Estados Unidos
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